With my installations, I try to interest people in very small objects in a public space. The difficulty of creating this contact
subsequently increases the unusual effect of the discovery of the miniature. Such as a stone that we notice at the edge of a
river during a walk because its colour, its shape, contrast with the environment. It evokes an animal silhouette, a part of
human anatomy or one of the innumerable objects in our daily life, and we take it up. It has the geometric purity of a machined
volume and we bring it home and place it on the edge of a window. How disappointing our finds can become when they are
taken out of their natural environment, however, some keep this power of attraction felt during the discovery. It is this fragile
thread that I try to create with my miniatures so that they act as a transmitter. A visual murmur mingling with the cacophony
of the city.
The fact of appropriating these minor urban spaces and of having left my miniatures there, resembles the act of the graffiti
artist but without the importance of its visual impact. My gesture is not a simple abandonment, the possibility of an answer
assimilates it to the action of sowing. The miniatures unknown or lost lead to a dead end, however, those that are discovered,
become tiny hidden poetic passages.
The miniature portraits of the projects Les passants, Ombres, Quelqu’un, Le pont and Sépia were made from the sketches of
people that I drew near the site of the installation.

Cires : 34 miniatures, moulding of bee wax, 30 mm, Montréal, 2002.
Gouttes : 40 miniatures, glass engraved, ⦰ 25 mm, Montréal, 2005.
Les passants : 61 miniatures, watercolour sealed between two glasses, ⦰ 20 mm, Québec, 2008.
Ombres : 43 miniatures, painting on glass, ⦰ 15 mm, Montréal, 2009.
Quelqu’un : 40 miniatures, pencil on glass and painting, ⦰ 18 mm, Montréal, 2012.
Le pont : 41 miniatures, pencil on glass and painting, ⦰ 18 mm, Gaspé, 2012.
Sépia : 42 miniatures, painting on glass, ⦰ 18 mm, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, 2018.
Point de vue : 20 miniatures, bronze and glass, 13x13x28 mm, Québec, 2019.
Sillage / Wake : 21 miniatures, glass and luminescent pigment,  ⦰ 18 mm, Duntara, Newfounland and Labrador, 2019.
Sylvie Cloutier, art visuel, art public, portfolio, sculpture, miniature